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Floral Decadence at Aynhoe Park

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

The opportunity to truly transform a space with flowers is always something incredibly exciting. This shoot at the home of eccentric luxury – Aynhoe Park – made my rebel heart so happy, and I designed a vibrant garden wonderland in shades of pink and purple. A richly embroidered chinoiserie fabric inspired this shoot in all its decadent glory, and when the flowers were coupled with the neon signage and fabulously colourful feathers, the end result was magical. 

Its not every day you get asked to be part of a shoot at the magnificent Aynhoe Park that is being styled by the lady of the house, Sophie Taylor. Rebel and the Rose's sister company Lovestruck Creative also got to add in some neon elements. I was literally jumping for joy for this one and have been itching to share all the details.

Here is what the very talented Sophie had to say about what inspired her:

As a wedding stylist you seek inspiration from everything and anything – A photo-shoot in a magazine, something you scrolled to on Instagram – a piece of art on a musem visit or a film you may have watched.

For this styled shoot I was inspired by a piece of furniture James (my other half) had bought which subsequently has now been re-homed with Matthew Williamson, who when he saw it just had to have it.

Esther was thankfully keen to create the look with me. I really wanted to do something up the stairs as a lead into the Orangery and tho the arch hides the room as you enter through the door, as you take your steps up the stair, through the arch and into the room fully and you feel like your taking a journey to disseverment.  

I loved her suggestion of making the over grown archway not a perfect arch and using as much green as possible, something loose and growing like a wallpaper but with pops of colour with rose pink to deep fushia peonies and purple delphiniums – open blush roses.

Jay Rowden has shot at Aynhoe serveral times and I love the way he captures the house and weddings and the details – his work has a almost graining look to it which worked perfectly on this project.

To tie the theme together the dress was of course extremely important – and for me had to be Hermoine De Paula, her needlework and beautiful floral detail was like the flowers were as one with the arch. She could have almost painted on the flowers in thread!

For the table setting I wanted to create something untraditional – the French style chairs against a textured pink cloth and a very gold centre allowing the tableaware and food to do the singing… so instead of having a large floral installation down the centre which can often get in the way – we decided upon long installations that sat parallel to the table and chairs. Framing the table and giving a walkway to the guests seats - creating the illusion they were sat between flowerbeds.

Click here to see more gorgeous images.

This shoot was so much fun, full of lots of different elements and an absolutely amazing team. I can't wait to see the incredible images popping up all over the internet giving couples lots of inspiration. Its also been featured in the latest edition of Mr & Mrs Uniques magazine - click here to read Issue Eight - I for one am off to do a little rebel dance to celebrate.

| Venue | Aynhoe Park

| Styling and coordination | Sophie Taylor

| Floral design | Rebel and the Rose

| Neon | Lovestruck Creative

| Food | Stone Events

| Gown | Hermione de Paula

| Hair and make up artist | Gillian Singh

| Tableware | Classic Crockery

| Cake | The Natural Cake Company

| Feather lamps | A Modern Grand Tour

| Stationary | Papier

| Photography | Jay Rowden

| Photography and Videography | John Scott Blackwell

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